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Doula Service - Birth Package

The Birth Package includes full physical and emotional support while in labor to ensure clients are comfortable and well-nourished

  • Advocates on behalf of clients to ensure they are honored and respected and that their needs are at the center of all decisions within the birth setting, whether at home, in a hospital, or at a birth center.

  • Client needs remain front and center, sticking as closely to client wishes within their birth plans, ensuring medical safety for mothers and respective babies.

  • Includes two in-person prenatal sessions; during these sessions, the expectant mother, respective partner, and doula become closely acquainted and their family needs will be identified and discussed. 

  • Includes plan formulation that includes important aspects for the birth of the baby, organizing plans for birth and postpartum time, creating a birth plan, and reviewing best birth practices designed to support expectant parents through each stage of labor.

  • Provides text and phone support to answer any questions in between sessions.

  • Includes follow-up postpartum care session including breastfeeding support (lactation counseling), check-ins with new parents regarding adjusting to the baby, and follow-up regarding the baby's well-being.

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